Monday, May 29, 2023

Temu Haul Yall! Craft Kitchen Garden Things 30% off coupon! #temuhaul #...



I did it! Got some things on temu and made a video. The visual is so crap. Using my Canon Rebel. Loving Universe I need a better camera for making videos. Dang, I apologize. The video itself is very novice level but I did my best. I am sharing it here to spread the video lol. How desperate am I? Pretty desperate, is that wrong? Wish me well. I wish you well <3



Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Wednesday November 11 1210am

 The drunken neighbors partying hard. They drink a lot. Her voice screeches. Shut up.

In bed. The furnace came on. The blissful warm weather the past while I wish would last is about to end.

I painted the stairs today. I thought of hiring some teenager but couldnt find one. The doors open, almost like being outise. Using No VOC paint helps. I did feel ill with my head so close to the gallon paint but when I moved it down a couple of steps that was better. I did a better job than anyone would have, except a professional. They would have done a better job. I have one coat down. I didnt use a roller. I used a chip brush. The second coat will help. I plan to put some carpeting and hope my cat, G goes up there. H already does but she is nimble. G is not. Oh how I love her my friend.

The last time I wrote here was 2019. I see it said it was only 63 days since my mother had died. Now it is 735. My mother is well and truly gone. On the day she died, this year I didnt realize until my sister posted something on fb. I was feeling close to her and now my father who died too. It has been 95 days since he died. Where are they? Are they really happy? Do they see each other? I feel closer to my father since he died.