Saturday, December 19, 2015

Walk on a Saturday Night

Perhaps I am going for a walk in a minute. The cat just woke up, she slept all afternoon until now, around 8pm. I spent the day organizing my basement. It kind of looks exactly the same, which is way too cluttered. Too much stuff with not the sufficient storage space.

It makes me happy to get my things all in the right spot though. Get all the yarn in the same place, all the many things grouped together turns me on.

Lucky me, I found some things I bought and did not give away yet. That is a boon for this strange Christmas. Huge scare yesterday with my mother's health. She was calle din by her doctor. I was so upset. I sat on the floor on my rug and cried so hard because I want my mommy. Like anyone else.

I was thrilled to pieces to get the news later in the day from Daisy that things are good. My mother has some things to address but apparently nothing serious and she is in great health.

It is hard not to reflect back to last year when I had so many many presents for people. I feel they pretty much went unnoticed so it is likely a good thing I have barely anything this year. Maybe there will be less time opening presents and more time having a family sing-a-long? I will drink rum and egg nog. The one day of the year I kind of imbibe and I love it. I could drink loads of those drinks.

The dating thing. Hahahahahahaha and let me laugh some more. Maybe a wee shudder.

One guy contacted me last night. Blue-eyed, not that into blue eyed guys. He is tallish at 6ft and a professor. Also turns out he is from Sydney. I had dreams rushing in of going to Oz together, go visit my friend who just lost her partner, my close friend too. I imagine listening to his accent.

He said, "I think you are a distinctively beautiful and sharp woman.
I hope you write me back". That is a nice email and he looks nice.

Email back and forth and then the shoe drops, no pun intended. He has a high heel fetish. Which is fine but to bring it out first conversation is gross and piggish. It was late, he wanted to get his freak on.  I am not into that and the thought of having that between me and someone else is not something I want. I get people are "weird" but please, do not rum my face in your thang before I know you.

I read reviews of him as a professor and they were not good. I finally told him he was being inappropriate when I said good night and he asked me to describe my favorite heels to him. This morning he left me a basic "how is your day" but I ignored it. I am done with that. He sounded cool in some ways, into green living and obviously pretty smart.

There is another guy I like but I am not sure why. He is again not my type but so far he has not been rude or lewd and I guess in this somewhat sordid arena that says a lot.

I am enjoying the organic nature of this holiday. More on this later. I need to go blow off some steam and walk it off for awhile.

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