Friday, October 30, 2015

Paint Night Dates

"This is where I feel supercharged, the idea of getting someone to paint who has not had the opportunity yet. I love it. I am excited and hope this adventure goes far and wide." Edjo moons at Gull. An invisible shudder goes through her, What if no one comes, never mind far and wide. As though reading her mind, Gull chimes in and alleviates the dread, even if no one does come, she still will not be alone.

"Good job, good job, I like it. This is fun. I will be there, oh for sure, I want to paint with you, cannot wait." Gull told her with a wink.

There are two individual dates to choose from.Tuesday November 17th, or Friday November the 20th. You will go home with your very own painted canvas. The image is guaranteed to work for those of you who are sure you "cannot paint" You can and you may. Please join us. Let us know if you would like to attend. Thank you, we look forward to painting with you.

" Painting completed my life." ~Frida Kahlo

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