Thursday, July 7, 2016

When Wishing for Something Happens and Hanging Out Laundry and Then it Rains

30 years ago this movie came out, was panned. I adore it.
I got some laundry going and out on the line in the incredible heat this morning. Today I was meant to go meet a woman in Yorkville to paint her ugly shabby chic furniture style for her. You know paint Monets on old furniture, now painted pastel colors, French Provincial style. I personally hate that kind of look. I do like the idea of painting furniture and have wanted to pursue that idea for decades. More funky though.

I got one load out, the sheets and things, then I did a darker load and hung it up and I clipped on the last thing it started to rain. No rain in the forecast, darn. I started taking down the first load first as it dreid, almost dried fairly quickly in the hot sun. Mostly dry so now clean hung-outside dry sheets to sleep on tonight, or at least lay on top of, so hot

My mom looks so much better than before
I yanked the wet load in and tossed it in the dryer.

I was meant to meet that woman at 330 at her place where she works out of. Se told me it was a "laid back atmosphere, but I wasnt believing it, feeling it. My soul did not want to go. I heard about the job on facebook entrepreneurial bunz. The woman is argumentative and I had a bad feeling from her. She was nice to me but a bitch to some folks on the thread she posted advertising her job.

I did not want to go. I did not want to go. I need the money. Maybe it would lead to something. She was nice to me. I agreed to go. I was fuming within that the best I could manifest was this crap feeling job.

So she called a few minutes ago to cancel. Awesome. So happy. I did not want to go. I asked her if we could talk a bit on the phone. Get to the brass tacks of how much?

"Sure' I asked her for example how much was the woman paid for the table she painted a Monet bridge on.

45.00. wtf? So typical stereo typical English person wanting to exploit others to line her own pockets. I might get 20 bucks for painting a flower and so on.

Daisy's partner took me kayaking on the Credit River
I was raising the question of how much mark-up did she do and she got angry, "None of anyone's business" and in a bitchy tone. She said something on her website that in hindsight I misunderstood and when I mentioned it she said "You know what, this is not going to work--"

I cut her off, "Okay bye" and hung up. I wanted to go do something. Write on her thread, send her a scathing email but I didnt. I wanted this.

He went for a dip but I did not.
Now I have the day to myself to pursue things closer to my heart. I long to manifest things that I feel strongly about and that pay me well. I want to be way in the black in a way I have not experienced yet.

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