Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016 Cooking Lentils to Eat for Good Luck in the Upcoming Year

The New Year is here. Good bye 2015.

Welcome 2016. I am hoping it is a kinder gentler year for all of us. I have been wanting to come here many times over the last couple of weeks but so busy with other things.

Parna is purring on my lap, I am in bed at 1105 am January 1st 2016, woo hoo.

The sparrows have not been coming around in a couple of weeks now. Some predator bird got one and now where are they? The squirrels come eat the food, I saw a couple of female cardinal sightings in the past two days but where are the sparrows?

The pigieons come around and someone knocked down the bird feeder which is now laying on the ground. When my cat gets off me I will go save it. The squirrels love it, they can march right in.

I need a headboard so much. I ought to research how to make an inexpensive easy one.

It is said to be good luck to eat lentils on this day. I have a pot fo them soaking to cook today. Oops I dont have an onion so I hope it turns out without one. I am planning on making dahl, the Indian lentil recipe.

I made another recipe yesterday with lentils, which I ate some of. It was not enough to share, I only had one chicken breast. I used a recipe I found on the internet. I left out the fennel, I didnt have any. I didnt have kale either, although I got tow baby leaves out of the garden. I have some boxed organic spinach I can have it with today but yesterday I had itwithout.

Parna off my lap, time to go save the bird feeder and give whoever is out there some fresh water. It is frozen in a bowl, The sparrows not coming around has depressed me a bit and I didnt put water out for a couple of days, but need to go fix that, whoever, whatever bird, squirrel or possum is out there might need some.

1159am Okay that is done, the bird feeder is back up and full, the water bowl is changed. I am sitting at my desk with my warm blob of a cat on my lap. I started the lentils. I used onion powder instead of onions, hardly the same but it will work in a pinch I hope.

I am going to do a wad of dishes and get the kitchen all sorted. I will take some of the lentils over to Daisy to bring her luck too.

I just heard Natalie Cole died. Wow that feels like a waste. People live and die, it is freaky.

The dating thing is a fun distraction but no scores yet. I rarely see a guy I feel anything for and when I do it usually peters out before it gets to anything more than a couple of email exchanges on pof.

My neighbor playing with the toy my godfather made. My mom gave it to me because the toy I had he made, which a Dutch wooden shoe with a little man in it like a driver and a pull string, I gave away to some kid in NYC when I lived there. I was whining about it and my mother gave me this one.

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