Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paint Night and Fear of My Neighbor

Paint Night was a blast. I had a wonderful time. I was nervous and some of the painters were nervous. I was nervous I had bitten off too much for them to chew but everyone did so great.

Paint Night

On a more super depressing note, right this minute my neighbor is knocking on my door, he is such an asshole, I hate his guts more than anything. I hate him

"I am going to embarrass you when you have friends over. By the way my vacation time started all over, I am going to take two straight weeks just to drive you crazy. I missed work because of you"

What? He missed work because of me? Why does this piece of shit threaten me? His smelly cigarettes and his creepiness are a fat drag. He is a fat loser.

He is the biggest creepy oozy asshole I hate his guts and pray he rots and dies really quickly. Like the way he makes my stomache feel. The way my face curls he is so gross.

I had a plant on the mat to keep it down on the porch. A small clay pot. Under the mat is rotten wood. I put the mat there to protect the wood. lately he has been moving it everyday so I left him a note saying, "Not sure you are moving the plant but it is keeping the mat down that is helping keep the porch from further rotting. Please leave it there to help protect the porch. Thanks"

He tore the note down screaming. He was screaming. I dont know what he was saying because I wasnt right there and I had my music on but I could hear him losing hi smind, "Someone is going to trip"  What?  No they are not dick head.

Then this morning he was screaming early in the morning. Again not sure what about. He woke me up and I heard him saying "I cant wait til you wake up."

WTF is this toad about? I was scared to go out of my door in case he had a booby trap. I heard a big crash.

When I got up I went out the side door so I could suss the situation. I didnt notice anything. He hadnt thrown my bike out like he did the last few times, until I phoned the police. He wrecked my bike and just that he touched it curdles my soul.

In the living room two paintings fell down from him banging. I hate him. Take him away God, please.

Now he is saying the heat is not on. What a douche. He makes me sick and ruins things. I hate him so much.  A friend sent me an emergency LED flashlight and a door jam thing. It makes me feel safer. it was nice of him to look out for me like that too.

Get out of my life bad guys

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