Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two Whales Found Washed UP Dead in England and Bell Telephone tries to Act Like They Give a Shit

So many people are writing about mental illness because Bell has decided to endorse it. I hate Bell, they are a greedy corporation who is simply greedy. I am not falling for their stupid ploy. I cant stand the posts of heartfelt sentiments by people I love with the stupid hashtag with Bell's name in it.

Start treating people like people and stop gouging everyone and maybe I would get behind this conglomerate.

Speaking of conglomerates my heat is breaking so hard I cant bear it. My chest is killing me as I read two whales washed up dead in England. I couldnt read the article and I cant post the pictres here but I have been sitting on the floor with my arms and head over my sewing stool balling my eyes out. The pain I feel tastes so bad. I dont know how to process this. We people are terrible, the things we do and have done. We have ruined Earth and continue to. These ginat majestic beings wash up dead. We pollute everything we touch. My throat feels like it is bleeding, the pain I feel like stab wounds. Thinking, feeling into these giants in pain and dying because of us. I cant shed enough tears, I cant cry loud enough or hard enough. I put some soup on to heat and now I am sick. I feel sick as cold tears rock down my face. I feel powerless.

My nose runs and my vision clouds over. What can I do? I dont like this place. I dont want to live here, there is no room for me. I dont fit in and I dont want to. I teleport myself to their enormous corpses and lie against them sobbing, wishing them Light. Wishing them love. Asking forgiveness for us crazy people on this planet. I am so sorry we have killed everything beautiful off. So many things are going extinct. We ruin everything. I wish I could run somewhere and hide for the rest of forever.

I feel my friend Rick from Australia who died this past year, maybe I can lie in his arms as I sob.

I feel sad as ever. I feel like I swallowed a cookie sheet, it hurts so much.

F@ck Bell.

Please whales, please find peace. I am so sorry. Our oceans have whales and our race sucks. We people suck really hard. I know not all of us.

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