Friday, January 15, 2016

Paint Night # 3 Tomorrow Night

Getting ready for about 8 people at my place tomorrow. Very exciting. Lots to do. I am trying to get some samples done so I can see how long it will take, try to access degree of difficulty and rate of success. Getting my laundry done, cleaning the house. I only wish there was time to bake but there is not.

I went on my bike to the dollar store to get some plates for folks to use as palettes. I hate that they are styrofoam.  Styrofoam is bull crap. But I am using it.  I stopped off to treat myself to a coffee. Gosh my funds are so bad and it hurts so much.

I lost sleep last night worrying.

I wam working on trusting the universe, on visualizing things working out but it is hard to believe. I must because it must work out. I do not want to not have my rent. I know some of the people at that Tim Horton's and am nice to them so I was happy when I got home and instead of the two timbits I was indulging in, they had put three in the bag. Gosh I love those and havent had one in ages. Mostly because I baked and ate that but I am clean out now.

Okay back to work, will post pics of the event soon.

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