Thursday, March 17, 2016

Creepy Man Attempts to Shame Me into Dating HIm. Yuck

This man contacted me on pof. I was not attracted to him in the least. He is 70 years old, too old for me and not my type in the least. I sent him my nice form letter:

Hi to you too Thank you for the note, it made me smile.

You are handsome and seem interesting but I do not feel we are a match. I wish you the best in your search here.

Take care,

I think this is pretty clear I am not interested in the guy. He continued to email me and say he was interested in buying a piece of art. Cool. I need the dosh. We met for coffee and he had bought me fruit salad and some other snacky type things. I told them I would not eat them. I eat organic for the most part and would not enjoy a store bought fruit salad. I had a coffee. He talked too loud. He seemed nice, like a nice person. He told me all his good acts. He dropped money in front of a poor person in Sobey's and told them they dropped the money.

He came over after and I showed him my work. He chose a small piece that I hadnt photographed. An abstract with the word "Affection" written in a pretty script across the top. I think it was $250.00

He invited me to Second City. I did not want to go. He invited me to his Florida home for this month. No thank you. I told him while he sat in my kitchen I did not want to date him. He asked me what it was about him that I didnt want to date him. "It is chemistry isnt it?" I am looking for one guy so I say no to so many guys. Nothing personal."

He seemed to let it go. He emailed me pictures he took and washed out with his effects. He thought that was amazing. I didnt but I did not tell him that. That he was exploring his creativity was cool with me.

He started sending me things. A kettle, why I dont know. He sent me a toaster, which was cool, I havent had a toaster in decades. He wanted me to use his old phone so I could get texts while looking for work. I told him I didnt want his old phone but he was persistent. He said he would give me the 100 bucks to get a year card that I could text all I wanted. I agreed and we went to the Roger's store. They wanted a credit card. I dont have one. He was going to use his, but I said no, I am not feeling right about this. I didnt get hi sold phone connected and I was glad, relieved.

He went to Cuba and emailed me here and there. He said he wanted to take me to Florida for 10 days. I told him I wouldnt do that.

He came back and asked if we could get together. I said sure let's catch a coffee. He said Second City again and I said no. He emailed me something like "I am one of those dumb guys that keeps emailing you" He said "all I did for you and you offer me coffee" then later down in the email "I am someone who gave you so much for nothing" I copy/pasted that and told him to make up his mind, which was it. I told him not to be mean. I told him I told him the very first correspondence that I was not into him romantically. He wrote back the most bazaar email telling me I "wanted a guy with long hair that would abuse" me. What? I told him he was abusing me. I told him I am not into him that way and dont deserve this crap from him. He persisted. I told him he was being creepy and now I hated him.

He told me my art sucked. Jeez.

Then a few days later he sent me an email telling me three  good things he did that day. How he helped people. I didnt respond. Then he contacted me the other day on pof, and said from my pictures what was I expecting a Saudi prince. I didnt realize it was him and thought it was some rude random guy. I sent my form letter to make him go away. He wrote back "Nfjngh"  What? How weird. I looked at the profile and realized it was this jerk. I told him to let it go, I wasnt into him that way and I said I would report him if he kept harassing me. I blocked him. He thinks he is a "good" person. He tries to guilt me and shame me because I find him repulsive in a romantic sense. I didnt tell him I thought he was repulsive, I was not blunt like that. I made it very clear that I was not into him that way, that I didnt expect him to send me things, he didnt need to send me things.

Anyway eff him and his creepy dyed hair. I loathe him. I am pretty happy that I didnt bite down on the hook he tried stick in me. Shaming me and saying horrible things. I see it for what it is. He is a creepy guy who resorts to meanness and guilt tripping when he doesnt get his way. He can so eff off.

I would get off pof but it has not been wholly terrible for me.

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