Friday, April 8, 2016

Maybe Do Not Do What People Want; The Good Man Surfaced Out of Lake Ontario to Help

Seems to me wherever you look, publishing, marketing, anything really the advice seems to state to know your audience and what they want. What they want. In the shower today, I was thinking, no, not good advice to truly advance human kind. This sort of push to look without to find what to do, how to do is shit advice. There is not enough of people going within themselves, exploring what they truly feel and creating from that place.
Demo "Credit card" painting for Paint A Canvas

Financial goals reap financial advice--maybe, certainly not for anyone in the third world, and there are plenty of people in this first world living like they are in the third world. I wonder where the second world is? I guess that is all us poor folks trying to get through the day, week, month and years. We rarely, if ever go on vacation we don't buy fancy bags, clothes or shoes. We don't eat out or go to movies for the most part we do not have fancy stuff. We are the underprivileged that almost no one gives a shit about. Life is still pleasant at times, thank goodness. There are riches to be had for us. Life has a way of finding a way to give us things anyway. For instance, I was given cashmere sweaters from someone who did not want them anymore because moths got at them. I patiently darned all the holes and now I have some of the most warm and soft sweaters. Riches are within. No amount of money or work can buy.

The trick is how to not stress endlessly about how to make ends meet. This is a bad way to spend time, I know that full well. It is a waste of time and really no loving human ought to endure it ever. I do not believe in it. What I mean when I say I don't believe in it is that I feel it is a world truth, not a true truth. World truths are those things we are taught believe in our society as givens, as truth. So many are not true though but because we all believe it, do not question it, we

The Good Man Surfaced Out of Lake Ontario to Help Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 12 x 16” $199.99

make it true, we hold it true and so it appears true. Like when privileged people repeat that stupid annoying line "I worked really hard" when they are sharing about their vacations, perks, pretty things. Poverty stricken people often work just as hard if not harder and rarely, if ever lay down dollar bills in the club, at the store, at the airport to go to a beach in the winter time. People are not meant to work to prove themselves or to obtain things. There are whole sheaves of folks who do not need to work and they live on the fattest cream.

Gwendolyn chilling on the table
The whole world is meant to be free. Each loving human is meant to be free. By free that is a roof over their head, food to eat and the space and time to create as they see and need to create. We all are meant to come and go as we please, have personal power, beauty and abundance, not only a part of the population.
This is how the world is meant to be and look where we are instead. More loving humans live in starvation and squalor. More humans are slaves to poverty, disease and the creeps that pass themselves off as humans who have been ruining things for us regular folks forever.

Our society drains us encouraging us to constantly look without, reflect light, you know do the things folks do to look good for someone else. Put on a happy face, be positive, be of service, all the verbiage and undercurrent agendas telling us how to behave instead of letting us know we ought to be absorbing light. We ought to be feeling, using our intuition to guide us. We ought to be processing how we really feel and think about things.

If someone thinks they are positive and by that, they mean they are not negative, what are they really doing? They feel bad, so they tell themselves they do not feel bad. They feel hatred and they tell themselves life is too short to feel hatred. They feel tired and tell themselves it is lazy. They feel self hatred and they blame someone else. They feel guilt and think it is God. Are they doing things they want to do or are they doing things they think they should do? They feel scared and they tell themselves there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Such a crock of shit. There is plenty more to fear than fear. Children being abducted to be sold as sex slaves. The shitty things we do to animals, the list is endless creepzoids who hide their money off shore so they do not pay their share of taxes, while us poverty stricken are working at jobs where the crap and ridiculous minimum wage is not enough to live on. Where people look down on us and treat us like their slaves. The people they tell us they worked hard to get where they are, oblivious to the amount of work these people they treat as below them work. Lack of understanding and compassion. These are things to fear. I am not going to get into a big discussion about fear right now but it most certainly is not the enemy. The enemy is the enemy. We thought we had to love everyone. We thought we had to accept everyone and we most certainly thought we had to let other people tell us what to feel, how to behave and how to squash down our true feelings in the favor of others and this demented society we live in.

I say, reach within yourself and create whatever you find there. Embrace all of your feelings as good and acceptable. Avoid people who think you have to scratch out negative to be positive. These are the most negative people, they are negative because they are not whole. Widen your arms to embrace all of yourself. Do not harm yourself or others but be honest about where you are at really, how you feel really.  All emotions are within Love.

Abstract demo for Paint A Canvas 

The ground was already down when 7 year old Caplan showed up ready to join in and paint. This is his tape design, he painted his color choices and he decided which way it would hang.  He did a marvelous job.

I have a mother I do not have to hide things from. I can, and do tell her pretty much anything and everything I have to say, think or feel. My mother does not agree with everything I say and do.

I do have the good fortune to share my real self with her. My mother responds with things I did not think of in a tone of voice that makes sense. My mother calms me down strongly, like these flowers.

Someone ripped the crocus flowers off and threw them down beside the rest of the plant. I brought them home, put them in water, sketched them. I thoroughly enjoyed them a few glorious days.

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