Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beloved Prince Died, Paintings I Sold Last Night And What They Mean

Fourteen days ago Prince died. I have a huge connection with him that I will not get into right now except to say God please take very good care of Prince. Hold him in Your Loving Light, protect him and guide him.

I came here to write about some paintings of mine "what they mean". Glad they do mean something. I am a bit torn about going into it. Painting is mostly non-verbal, let folks infer what they will. I also do not wish to give my pov about these paintings and take away what someone else may see in them. The man who bought them wishes to know and I agreed to tell him. This format here is the easiest for me to navigate so I am going to do it here.

I am making a cup of tea and a big pot of chicken stock. My house smells good. The stock will cook over night to be sure to get as much flavors and healing benefits from all that is in the stock.

 A big thank you to the man who bought these paintings. It is a big thrill for me when someone shows an interest in art. People who invest in art are a very special breed, and I appreciate it. I love it. It is so great when someone shows an interest in my work and finds my paintings "good".

                                                                                                    These are the three he chose to acquire.
 This painting is 10"x14". Oil on Canvas, called, Horse, Yellow Cat, Bubble for a Fish, Bootsy’s Bass Strap and Being of Love Ready to Help

It is about the Other Realms, like where dead folks possibly go, where other kinds of Loving Beings likely exist, and where humans and animals can connect to if they wish. I think animals are simply automatically connected because animals are amazing and people not so much, because we have issues etc.

Bootsy Collins is one of my favorite musicians and people on the planet. He and his wife, Peppermint Patty do amazing work besides music. That is his bass strap running on the right. There is a horse on the left, a fish in a sort of crystal ball and a "scaredy cat" in yellow. I am a big fan of all our human emotions and have been taught to accept them all and embrace them. The yellow spirits above the earthly realm are beings who help us, are aware of us and want to connect with us. They help guide us to go for Love. To widen the embrace on what we label Love to include things like fear. The merging of the realms is represented by Bootsy's bass strap in the upper middle and by the heavy yellow paint running in the lower middle.

This next painting,
 Egyptian Hieroglyph Rebirth is Three Foxtails Tied Together, Bootsy Shoulder and Bass Strap, His Bass (Through Bass Strap) His Bass Fretboard (Through Center), His Live Show Card (from Tramp’s show ’95 W21st St NYC—You Can See His Funky Toe Boot in Right Upper Foxtail Upside Down) and Venus Oil on Canvas is ironically to do with Bootsy as well. I have many Bootsy references. I went to see him at Tramps, which used to be between 6th and 7th on 21st St in Manhattan. I ended up working there which was not nearly as fun as seeing selective shows there. Except the time I worked the Chaka Khan show, that was pretty awesome. I saw amazing bands there in the 90's. Small club, great acoustics and not too far from where I lived. I love this hieroglyph for rebirth. Three foxtails tied together. It also represents, Born of. Bootsy's music hearkens back to our ancient certain roots of Love and Music.


Jimi Hendrix, Bootsy Signature, Egyptian Hieroglyph Underworld, More Hieroglyphs, Jean-Michel Basquiat Crown, Golden Mean, Mesopotamian Gazelles, Fight 151, Bar Used to be on 8th Av just North of 17th St all in a Wave of Yearning Love Oil on Wood 14 x 24" 

I wrote Bootsy and his wife a letter in the 90's telling Bootsy I thought that he, Sly Stone and Jimi were the Holy Trinity. Bootsy's wife sent me back a signed photo and a letter from her and Bootsy. They told me wonderful things about myself. I cant remember exactly except it was uplifting and to do with my Spirit. The turquoise line running through the painting from top left and down around Jimi Hendrix's face is the tail end of Bootsy's signature. The background of Jimi's face is an Egyptian wall design which I have painted on doors and it looks amazing. The Golden Mean is under in a peach color with a bit of Jimi's famous jacket there. It says Rule me with one wave of your hand meaning how one can feel in love and be swept off one's feet. Under that is a bunch of hieroglyphs, these ones are body parts and what they represent. I love to study  ancient Egyptian. I wrote a wee poem halfway up in the black which says
Darling flesh and bone from thee be done in the city. Writing hieroglyphs is unlike writing in English. I love that the hieroglyph for Darling is a hoe and two mouths. My poem basically means, Let's go out on the town. Living in Manhattan going out on the town is a glorious thing. Especially when one is in love and I was very much in love. Was he in love with me? No, not so much, hence I was painting instead of actually being out on the town. I was dreaming of it in paint.

The Mesopotamian gazelles on the mountain top tell the story of how back int he day when the music was so good, it was said that people and animals would levitate. This is a rendering of that exact experience. Mesopotamia pre-dates Egyptian culture, a very long time ago. You can see the crown Jean -Michel Basquiat often put in his work, along with the word Notary, which can also be found in his work.

The definition for Ambassador is there, any representative or agent charged with a special mission. Jimi Hendrix, Bootsy and Jean-Michel are the special ambassadors in this painting as well as the Daddy. A male who is kind and good, one you can turn to, one who protects and uplifts, like God, a Father figure. Then it says Blood Memories meaning how old our souls are and how our body holds the entire history of us as far back as we go, individually and together. Then it says, Why frown even the sun goes down. A George Clinton lyric.

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