Monday, February 8, 2016

Life for the Underdog, Year of the Dog in the Year of the Red Monkey

The birds sort of showed up but hardly any of them and sporadically.

This cat makes me happy.

Here's the important point. There is research showing that the most important relationship in determining a woman's success in the workplace is the one with her father. 

I saw this, one of the million posts out there to guide and inform us all.

Second rate painter, first rate artist 

Art requires skill. 

Impeccable taste and terrible paintings in their homes.

Art is a luxury.

No why have w been making art 40 thousand years. There was cave paintings. Art in prison, in asylum concentration camp, in kindergarten. fundamental to who we are. Marc Mayer, director of Ottawa's National Gallery of Canada

Art does not have to be beautiful. Beauty is an unstable notion. It can change within your own life.

Year of the Dog in 2016

Some sites have quite a bit of gloom and doom forecasted, depressing. I am afraid, I am. I am scared and I move forward as best I can. I spent the last few days and still need to finish up making Super Powers Potion. The batch smells lovley. It was a fight to produce as often seems to be the case. Every time I have made it something goes haywire and drags the process on and on and on. I prevailed and I am pretty sure this batch is dreamy.

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