Friday, February 12, 2016

Newer Paintings

Oil on canvas

Oil on Canvas

Sunflower in the Backyard

Sunflower that broke off and I brought in and painted. Oil on canvas

Hope Oil on Canvas board

Sunflower broke off, brought it in to paint. Oil on Canvas

Tulips in the Backyard Oil on Canvas

Front and Back of a Butterfly, Moonstruck, Oil on Canvas

Healing Power Oil on Wood

Gwendolyn in the Window

4th Millennium Basket design and sunflower that broke off

Fleabane Daisy and the Power of Love Oil on Canvas

Butterfly and Magic

Help in the Water Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas Tulips in the Garden

Prince and Woman Oil and Canvas

Crying Woman Irises in the Garden Oil on Canvas

Blowing Kisses Oil on Canvas

Gwendolyn in the Window

Gwendolyn in the Front Window

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