Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lost Frozen Dog

Today was the coldest day. I have not seen the birds much at all. A few here and there but nothing like the last ten years. It feels like an omen. It feels like a way of telling me, the universe telling me I wont be living here much longer.

It is so freezing cold I had to go put out bird food anyway just in case and put out some water for the squirrels, pifeons and sparrows. I went out there and there was a pile of pigeon feathers, a hawk or something had gotten to and ate everything but the feathers. I raked them all to the side and fed the birds. There were a few sparrows in the cedar trees, and I whistled to them. It is how I talk to them. I think my thoughts and feelings out loud and whistle to communicate with them. Very sad and depressing.

I agreed to go help tear down the cat adoption event at the Stockyards not far from here. I was getting ready and I saw the semi-feral cat waiting outside on the porch waiting for some food. I made her and my cat a dish of food. I was bringing it and my bike out of the hallway when I saw my neighbor.

"I need your help" she said.

I was cutting the time short alread, and feeling anxious about showing up on time. Of course I would help her. There was a little white dog on the loose and her and another neighbor were trying to catch him. I jumpd on my bike and headed down the road after the little dog. I followed the tracks and found him in a backyard. I had him trapped because he couldnt get past a fence although he tried. I noticed his penis was hanging out and thought that was so weird. He was growling at me and shaking. I bent down and told him I would not hurt him not looking in his eyes so I would not scare him.

I got him and picked him up holding him close as he shook violently, he was scared and so cold.

Now what? We thought he might have come from the housing complex near the park at my end of the street and we started knocking on doors. My neighbor wheeled my bike while I held the poor wee dog shaking, shaking, shaking.

Finally a young girl late teens, came from the other direction. It was her job. I told her there was something wrong with her dogs penis and I held him out for the first time to look and hand him to her. His penis had frozen and was now only hanging on by a thread. It was a horrible sight. It was frozen which is a blessing because he would not have felt it as much, I hope. I told her to take him straight to the animal hospital and she ran with him with me yelling "Run, run!" behind her.

I jumped on my bike and went to the pet store to help. I was in tears and freaked out. The little dogs name was Wally. I hope he is okay.

She told us he had run away. When I asked her how long she said 20 minutes, but the 3 of us agreed, after she left with him that it was longer than that in the state he was in. Thank God we got him and I pray he is okay.

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