Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happiest Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Today was wondrous. I was going to go clean up all my paintings I took out of their storage area but my cat got on my lap so I decided to come here and write about this awesome day made more awesome by my big warm cat purring on my lap as I type.

I sold three paintings today, woo effin hoo!
 This one was hard to let go as it is steeped in meaning for me. It represents a period in time when I was in Manhattan kind of dating, sleeping with the drummer I loved so well. He didnt love me but I loved him dearly. We looked at this painting, all the different layers and aspects. He rally likes my work and it was a lovely way to spend 4 hours going through all my work. Except the really bigger work. He een ear-marked some other pieces for another time. He has teenage boys and plans to bring them by to see where I work and perhaps join in at a Paint Night. Thank you Tim Day, you wonderful collector you. He has some art from a Russian man and a Mexican. My work fits in with the pieces he already has.
 This piece is Stella, a character in a kids book I wrote.
This is a piece I did recently aimed at Paint Night. Now I need to do another rendition before Thursday which I dont mind it was fun to paint.

I rejoiced when he bought my work because now I can pay my rent and I was sick with worry. I staved the wolves off for another month. AWESOME

As I walked him out to the car I saw the dog from yesterday with the other sister and I ran up to them to see how he was. She said he was fine, he had pink ice stuck to him, it wasnt his penis at all.


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