Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baking, Dating

A friend of mine encouraged me to do some holiday baking for money when her neighbor wanted to pay me to bake some of the Lemon cookies she had when she came to my show on the 6th. See the post below for a link to the pictures of that.

I stayed up last night creating a poster and by the end of today I had orders for 16 dozen. Granted one woman alone wants 10 dozen, I think.

I did some research on prices and bakeries charge about 14-19$ per dozen. I decided to go with 10$ per dozen. Some of the kinds will cost more to make, I will see better tomorrow when I get all the ingredients together. I am hoping it all balances out.

I am also adding my famous Peanut butter cookies to the selection.

I was going to organize my basement this weekend but I will be baking. One woman needs 10 dozen by Wednesday.

I did go on a date the other day, with the guy I liked the best but it was not a match. It was nice to go meet someone. I did kiss him, it has been three years since I have kissed anyone.

I will meet a couple of other men next week and see how it goes. I think I am doing it for interest. I dont feel much for either of them. One might buy a painting and lord knows I need the money. I pray nothing weird happens like he wont buy a painting unless I date him. In that case I wont be selling a painting.

I long to pain and will once Christmas is over. I am super broke this year. Last year I did more sales at my show and used the money on gifts. Later I was mad I did because I was out of cash to pay the bills, although somehow I managed.

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