Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cat on My Lap Forces Me to Take a Break

Parna is spread out on my legs like a giant omelette. I am so excited about my show. I took down most of the paintings that were hanging and went shopping in the basement for pieces to put up. I have a fair bit of new work but I still feel like I havent painted my best work yet.

One of the pof'rs, maybe two are coming to my show. Wow, the guy I like the best and am the most afraid of is coming. He offered, said he would come and support me. Maybe he is a cool guy after all. I will be nervous that I dont look good enough, especially because I am not feeling well and look drained these days more so than ever.

I plan on wearing a dress I made that I havent worn yet and high heels, woo hoo, so exciting. I hope the dress looks nice on me and I figure out how to make my face and hair look nice too. I am getting thrilled to bits. These are two new paintings, sketches really of the paintings I want to do large.

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