Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Around the Corner, Starving Artist Holday Gala as Seen Through the Lens of a Seven Year Old

Parna is on my lap, the only warm part of me. It is cold in here. I turned the heat down around 5am when upstairs was smoking cigarettes and woke me up like dread.

I decided to get up and get busy doing stuff. I downloaded the pictures from the Starving Artist Holiday Gala that my wee neighbor, Caplan took. He is 7 and did a great job.
Showing the women the picture Caplan took

This lovely soul bought two pieces

The Ballroom chandeliers

Coming in to the Starving Artist Holiday Gala

The pretty woman greeting us as we came in to the show

I didnt realize this woman was gving Caplan hell for not asking to photograph her work. So we asked her and she said okay.

Such a nice man and he sold his Batman painting

Another beautiful person and artist

The artist and her work

Santa and Caplan

Time to take a break

They had it all going on, camera crew, interviewer, all for the artists

Some of the crew that put this all together

This wonderful man bought this artists sculpture

Yay another piece sold

The food was amazing, ehre we see jumbo shrimp

The artist and his work

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