Monday, December 7, 2015

Hard Work and a Day Off

Slept until 1pm no problem, slept so hard.  I guess all the work and lack of sleep over the last week helpd put me so deep into sleep when it was finally over. The party was great, not as many people as I hoped for but I did sell some paintings and the response was really good. Who can afford paintings?

Jerk-dick-f@ck-wad has wrecked the lights in the kitchen with his immature scary stomping. They blink on and off and it is very disturbing. Daisy's partner, whatever he is, is going to come look at it tomorrow.

I am in bed cruising pof and doing not much. I downloaded the pictures and some are nice. I meant to blow my hair out but there was no time. Arby said it looked good the way it was but when I see the pics, it looks pretty bad. It was fun. I stood against homemade pizza Arby made and got stains on my dress. I put dish soap on it but I ought to go tend to it. I dont feel like it.

There was a bit of buzz for the painting nights which I really like. I will resume in January.

Sold this painting to my friend Frances
I dont know about dating. I think it sucks. It seems the guys I might be interested in are not suitable and the guys who show interest in me I dont feel much for.

It is nice being tired knowing I deserve this day to do jack. I had amazing help. Daisy helped hang and price stuff, she did such a great job and it was such a boost for me. Last year I hung th eshow alone and that was brutal running up and down the ladder for the hammer, the painting, and trying to get it right. This year Daisy handed me the drill, until the drill bits both broke for the crap walls. Daisy was great, so much help. Of course Arby was too much. Bought all the stuff to make 6 pizzas and made everything from scratch.

It was a good time.

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