Friday, June 24, 2016

When Being Kind/Thoughtful Takes Someone By Surprise is Surprising, Kind of Sad

Out in the backyard for my day. Today is for me. I have an umbrella rigged up to the clothes line so I ma in the shade, where I mostly like to be. The birds are chirping. Gwendolyn is in the basement sleeping on a suitcase with a cotton rug on top of it by the basement window. I have a giant coffee and fixed this chair so it is not sloping so far back with a piece of wood. I am surrounded by pillows and entirely comfortable. It is blessedly quiet. My Vietnamese neighbors are not making their usual loud hullaballooTomorrow I have a Paint A Canvas Birthday party. Sunday we are gathering as a family to see my parents.

Yesterday I did a demonstration at Foods for Life and it went well. I must have put on about an inch of the Super Powers Potion on my face as I helped folks sample it. I love doing this, meeting people. Amazing and kind people out there. Sad, sad people. One woman, very prettily dressed with red rimmed glasses and a pretty hat, very fair skin, sweet demeanor, told me she had skin cancer and showed me the scars on her arm. I gave her a hug. She told me she was 83, same age as my mother. The saddest part was though, she is all alone. I woke up today wishing I would have asked for her number so I could go over to her place and help her out a bit. I gave her another hug. It kills me she is all alone, suffering with skin cancer.

I was deeply blessed to go to my parents house and care for my mother. If I could not have done that I would have lost my mind. I needed to be with her and help her any way I could, be there so I could be there. Be there to help my father, share his work load, and the stress of my mother being in excruciating pain for so long.

I like talking to people, that is what I liked about waitressing. (still no call backs from sending my resume out recently--I revamped it, hope that helps, sheesh--won't give up hope, the mantra is Help is on the way.

I sold a bunch of SPP too.

Go away groundhog, ammonia to repel them :)
Maybe I need to go in. The sun is hot and adjusting the umbrella becoming more difficult. Although the songbirds fill me with everything I feel I need and more. Plus the Vietnamese neighbors are back from all night fishing and the racket begins. I am hoping to get some painting done, maybe later. My garden needs attention. Putting the ammonia and water 50/50 in the yogurt container with a rag where the rodent ground hog comes in seems to help. I also put up a bamboo fence in the front that helps keep it out. Fingers crossed. The kale plants are dead, dead, dead and that pisses me off for sure.

I got a box of wildflower seeds while at my parents house and planted some there. I am excited to see if they come up. I adore wildflowers. I sowed some here too and hoping for the best. Ah wildflowers how I love thee.

I planted some bean seeds I had when the groundhog ate all the plants int he front and they are doing well. I will support them asap with some bamboo, that ugly blue fence does not look appetizing at all.

green beans mmmmmm
wildflowers will bloom here yay
Let me get to the part where my kindness surprised someone which surprised me. My neighbor at the top of the street on the same side as me is an old German lady. When I had my dog she came running after her with kicking morions becuase my dog was on the other side of her fence; public property that is but she treats it as hers and lawn Nazi's it as she does her own. Over the years she has gotten too old to care for her garden as much as she used to, she gets someone in now. After she did that to my dog years ago, I do not say a word to her, I do not glance at her, she gets zero of my good attention.

The city put a tree in on the inside of her fence, where there is also a fire hydrant. A nice sapling. She told my neighbor who I do really like that she was going to do nothing because she didnt want this tree. The first 2-3 years the tree needs about 5 gallons of water a day, in this sort of dry hot weather especially. She got this tree like three weeks ago. It is starving for water, it is gasping for water and I think she is a big ugly meanie for not helping this sapling survive. I had big plans of going stealth in the night and feeding it 5 gallons of water but I slept all night long, I really needed the rest.

I woke up fist thing thinking of this poor tree and I called 311. I was connected and the woman was amazed I called. She gave me so many accolades for calling. She kept me on hold while she went and spoke to Forestry. She came back and told me the woman there told her she loved me and wished more people were like me. The woman told me she loved me too. It brightened my day for certain. I did not expect that reaction, in fact was more anticipating an aloof response and the government seems to show more often than not. I was pleased with these departments and thought I could work in a place where they care about trees and people who care about them too.

Apparently they will send someone and water the tree and even might attach some sort of watering bucket so the tree does thrive. Tonight if I can I will go water that tree too. My neighbor right next to me got a tree yesterday nd she is quite negligent as well, but hers is not malicious. I will sneak over there and water her tree in the night too. I would go take a picture of the sad tree but I do not want her to see me and know it was me who snitched on her. Fuck her and her kind.

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