Thursday, June 9, 2016

What Do You Mean When You Say "No Drama" As a Prerequisite On Your Dating Profile?

Saturday morning with Gwendolyn in backyard
Some "doctor" wrote me ( I put it in quotes because many so-called doctors are full of shit and have no ability to heal or be compassionate to others or this glorious mistreated planet) He said I looked really happy and content so "Did I have room for a relationship?" I wrote back after viewing his sparse profile that only said, "Honesty and no drama a must"

Daisy and her guitar on her back deck
"Not sure really, very content being single.

It kills me when people write "no drama" as a prerequisite. This is Life, life can be very very very very dramatic. When I see that it sends all sorts of red lights flashing. It speaks of someone with little or no tolerance for expression of feelings, of being perceptive and in touch with the atrocities of this world.

Honestly someone who writes that on their profile is absolutely no match for me."

How dramatic hahaha

I would write more in this post about my mom and other stuff however I started a canvas yesterday and will work on that now.

Gwendolyn on my knees in bed. I put a t-shirt in front of my face, she is so much better looking than I

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