Monday, November 2, 2015

Baby Boy Hat

My aunt loved to knit for charity. She made all sorts of baby things. I was lucky to inherit her knitting things. I have some bby clothes that only need to be sewn together. The little sweaters that are not finished I do not feel I will be able to finish. The patterns are not there and my aunt also had a way of knitting that I do not know how to do. Her stockinette stitch came up kind of twisted. My sister did that stitch too when she knit back in the day. She made me a black washable wool sweater that I could not have loved more. I wore it all the time. I wore it for decades. I finally gave it to her to enjoy. I love that sweater with the twisted stitch. It is pretty much a perfect basic pullover sweater. It was large and covered my ass, the sleeves were long and kept me warm. I wore it thousands and thousands of times and loved it dearly every moment I owned it. I took good care of it and it is still in pretty good shape. The wool gets weaker as it ages, especially with the amount I wore it.

A friend, a sweet person who used to give me a ride once in awhile to the now defunct OSEB program we were together in. He was doing web design and then moved on go back to gardening. He started his own company Gardenzilla which if you see his website that he designed and did, is sweet and simple.

I have a hard time with my website because each move I need to make is a mystery to me, I have a super duper hard time with it and it gets neglected for that reason. I dont know how to do it, it doesnt come easily to me and I basically do not like spenidng what feels like useless hours trying to figure it out.

I took one of the hats my aunt started and I finished it. Then I embroidered a tree onto it, since his poppa is a gardener. I sent it in the mail last week, ten bucks, too much money for me right now but I am happy they will get it for their new son. He got married and had a child since our program we did together. His new wife is pretty and they have been together a long time. I am happy for a sweet family like theirs.

My aunt knit this--I finished it and put the tree on it.

Times like this I am pretty happy virtually no one reads my posts so I am assured he wont see this before he gets it in the mail.

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