Friday, November 13, 2015

Renderings For A Farm Scene, Dating Profile

Blustery day, warm fat cat on my lap as I sit in the front window of my apartment and paint little mock-ups for a commission I got to do a farm scene. The format is very narrow but I am excited to amke it work. I need to go to the dollar store and get some canvas boards to do the samples, they will be truer to how the final one will turn out. I am using gouache, which does not allow for layering, it works more like watercolor.

I took Daisy's advice and put my dating profile back up. Ucky men out there, so many ucky men. One guy has a picture of himself at the bar wearing nothing but giant swimming shorts with his leg up on the rail. It is taken from a distance so his face is blurry. The other two pictures are of some strange alcohol based paraphernalia. He sent me a message and I bothered to send him back the "you seem nice but I do not feel we are a match" email and he sent me back a scalding rebuke how if he was a boy in the sandbox, well here let me show you. Remember this is fiction before anyone gets their panties in a knot. I am doing this because my cat is on my lap and I cannot get up. Well, I ccan of course but I do not want to move her.

 The guy with the ugly shorts profile:
11/12/2015 1:21:19 PM

Interesting profile, care to peruse mine and let me know if there may be a meeting between us....

Ugh the way he writes that, simply ugh.

 Me: why am I responding?
11/12/2015 9:48:21 PM
Thanks for the note. You seem like a warm and interesting guy but I do not feel we are a match. I wish lots of happy success in your search.

Yours truly,
Sweet As Pie okay sometimes I am sweet as pie other times not so much.

 The guy with the ugly shorts profile:11/13/2015 7:31:10 AM

Dear Sweet As Pie,

Thank you yet I do find it interesting how One can make a decisive decision upon only reading a few verses about someone without speaking and hearing the person's voice and feeling their ENERGIES.....then I believe One can truly decide......for instance I really cannot make a decision from what I have read in your profile yet I have reached out in order to gain more information about you yet that will not be taking place as you have decided to shut it down....I respect your decision yet again it leaves me pondering how One can make those final decisions to seek friendship......for example if you remember back to being a small girl playing in the sand and another boy you have never seen before approaches you with a pail and small shovel and asks you...."wanna play" and you stand up and walk would One feel??
Just a memory to consider when you are seeking someone ( lake playing in the sandbox) and someone comes near and reaches out to you and you leave ( negativity being relayed) Think before you speak and write because once it is released there is NO getting it back!!!!

 11/13/2015 9:51:57 AM
I am not looking for friendship. Your picture choices are not good. Cant see your face, only one of you and you are half naked. You are saddled up to a bar and the other two pictures are of strange alcohol related paraphanalia, not judging--deducing. Then you sent me a guilt ridden email, long and difficult to read, meant to make me feel bad for my gut feelings. Yeah, I stand by my words, we are no match. Good luck. I have been around for a thousand years, I am done with "giving people a chance" unless I feel something, that is it, not interested. Like I said I am not here looking for male friends. I have no regrets so I dont need to get it back, as you say. My opinion: Put a shirt on, show your face, get rid of the alcohol crap. and if a woman is not interested, and you want to pursue her, do something to woo her, do not talk down to her and try to make her feel bad. Women my age can see right through that tactic. And if they cant I feel sorry for them because you will try and manipulate them.

Yeah so like that. God what a f@ckin turd.

Dating sites blow. I do know some people who met on these sites.

"Edjo why are you doing this when you know I love you the way I do?"

"You are gone, not sure if you are ever coming back. Maybe I am a show off, I look nice--for my age"

"You wont meet anyone. You know that, I know that."

"I know, it is a distraction and sometimes I need that"

Gull wraps Edjo up from a distance in a warm balloon of soft love. Edjo sighs and stress leaves her body. How does he do that? I am glad he can though.

Yesterday Edjo cried and cried so hard. The animal pictures, showing abuse got inside her soul and she was locked down unable to move, with the grief and all the intense emotions she felt. She couldnt stop crying, couldnt stop crying, couldnt stop sobbing, praying to God "Help these animals mightily".

How anyone could kick a cat like a soccer ball, tearing their poor wee faces away, hurting them so badly and the jerk offs tying up dogs way up high and then twisting the rope so they swing out of control. I would take a rifle and blow their f@cking faces off.

Parna jumps off Edjo. Time to get on hr bike on this blustery day and go get some supplies, go to the library, re-new her card, get some farm books out for references and get some work done.

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