Tuesday, November 17, 2015

First Paint Nite Tonight, Eaves Trough Reattached--Life Feels Better

Tuesday morning of my first Paint Night. Sunny outside and feeling good about it. Guess I will go feed the birds and clean up my house a bit. I am hoping I might have some time to paint. My new show is Dec 6, coming up very fast and my paintings are not done.

The landlord showed up with a guy and put the eaves trough back up. He also reattached the one in the back. These guys. He threw the stuff from the eaves trough down, not caring where it landed. "He please be careful you dont put a hole in this plasic all over the back of the house, an attempt to keep the water out of my basement.

"I am. I wont"

"Yeah but you already did dude." Pausing to look at the new rip in the plastic from some piece of cement or something he threw down. "Fuck" Now I was swearing.

I could have been nicer but it pissed me off, the way he was tossing all this crap out for the maid to clean up. I hate workers like this. I know, where was he supposed to throw it? I dont know but the guy said he was a roofer for 23 years. He wasnt afraid of heights.

"I am sorry, you can probably tape it up" He was right but I was still mad.

"Yeah you are right, it was such a lot of work doing this" I couldnt be Sunny Suzanna.  later I was upset with myself for swearing in front of him. I dont know him. Whatever. I spent time cleaning up all the mess and rearranging the dang plastic and then took a shower.

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