Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fix this House You Crap Landlord

This poor old house, I cant stand it. Again spending way too much time on it, putting band-aids all over the place. Dean came over to look at the job I did "All you can do" he said.

"Yeah but see here, how it slopes, snow will come and tear it down from the weight."

"You are right, I can give you some plywood to put under"

"You mean like two by fours? To like put maybe three sloping down?"

"No like plywood. Plywood sheets."

"Oh wow, that is great, that will be great."

"Not now, I am hurting physically, my knees are shot and everything hurts."

"Yeah I get that."

I walked him out to the car and Daisy was there. We hashed through enough to move on. She cashed in her piggy bank and gave me the money, which was far more than we thought it would be. It was really generous and kind of her--over the top. I am glad we aired out enough stuff to mend our black and broken relationship, it feels so much better now. I have known her since she was born. I have taken care of her most of her childhood and more than anything I missed her. I feel we were able to re-connect and I am so glad. I am lucky to have a sister, not everyone does. I am lucky to have her close by physically, we live so close. I am glad she is writing FINALLY and want the best for her.

I called my landlord and asked him if he was going to fix the front, the eavestrough hanging off, the raccoons living in there. I got a quote, over 700,  and he said,  "No! I will get my own people" That was the week before last and nothing. So I called him and said neighbors were complaining.

People tell me to report him. I tell them it is dangerous as he threatens to sell and then where will I be?

I scream to God to the Universe, "I want a closet! I dont want to live like this anymore. I dont want that toad living above me" I cry, I whimper and I despair. I do my best to keep this old girl of a house afloat, me too.
Looks like crap and eats up the space with ugly
Tore up the garden to try and create a trench for the water to go

Trimmed the cedar which made me sad, I love the cedars
Taped--yes taped around the cedar

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