Sunday, November 15, 2015

Georgia O'Keefe Birthday, New Coffee Cup Because My Upstairs Neighbor is a Major A-Hole

My upstairs f@cking a-hole neighbor ruined another day for me. I dont think I could hate him anymore than I do. No, I dont want to write about the turd. I dont want him on my mind or anywhere near my life but there he is bashing with all his might back and forth on the floor because he is cold? WTF? It is positively  gorgeous out and he is whining with a temper tantrum at full decibel to turn on the heat. The heat is on you f@cking first class jerk off. It doesnt click on because it is too warm.

I had to beat it out of here. I lanned to apint but I simply could not with his awfullness. I cooked instead. I made some soup, I did the dishes and then I snuck out the side door. Lucky me, I didnt realize I had the key for it. UM, yeah, I have been living here ten years and didnt know I had the key all along.  I wanted to go for a walk and decided, "I will buy a coffee cup" I broke one a couple of weeks ago so I will head over to HomeSense and buy one on sale. Which I did for three bucks. I only have two coffee cups that I use so when I broke the one, uh-oh. Now I have this one too. I have smaller ones but I rarely use them. I drink tea out of separate cups. I went down into the pet store and bought Parna some food. I loved seeing all the dogs in there, they cheer me right up.

Happy Birthday Georgia O'Keefe. Nice Painting. I am working on a sunflower too. Hope it turns out a bit nice like this 

The furnace turns on and I can wmell that f@ckwits cigarettes. I f@cking hate that guy, wish him the worst, hope he dies. Yeah, I do.

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